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Case Studies
St Mary The Virgin, Willingdon

willingdon 1.jpg

St Mary the Virgin Church in Willingdon, north of Eastbourne dates back to the late 12th and early 13th century.  The parish registers date from 1560 recording the important events of baptism, marriage and burial in the lives of the local villagers. A large collection of archives records of the church, manor and parish.

The brief was for a high quality, unobtrusive sound system for speech and music playback to replace an ailing 40 year old system.

As with many current installations, Sound Analysts opted for a design with the Yamaha MTX3 processor based controller at the heart of the installation. The main sound control panel (Yamaha MCP1) is at the rear of the church with the main rack located on a balcony next to the organ. The main Nave loudspeakers selected were the EMS-61’s and 51’s manufactured by EM Acoustics. Further EMS-51’s were deployed in the Ratton & Side Chapel.


‘The system sounds fantastic and the quality has exceeded my expectations’

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