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Design & Installation
Acoustic Treatment

Sound reflecting off hard walls and ceilings within multi-purpose venues often makes the environment challenging for communication and privacy. The volume of speech needs to increase to rise above the base noise level created by the echo and reverberation in the space. This rise in volume becomes an issue for both the sound in the room and privacy outside.

This base noise floor volume is amplified when combined with the reverberation of the space and the problem exacerbates as folks raise their voices to communicate above the din.

Bringing the reverberant energy in the room down prevents the volume of sound from building up and creating a wall of sound. As little as 15% of the wall surface being covered with acoustic panels will create a warm acoustical environment – free from the buildup of sound energy. As the base level volume decreases, the need to speak loudly or stridently also decreases. Then – as there is less volume to contain – privacy issues become less of a concern. By speaking in a more pleasant, conversational tone, the nuances of the intention are far more accurate and less prone to misinterpretation. The acoustically treated room becomes a more versatile and usable space.

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