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EM Acoustics R10


The Reference Series represents the ultimate no-compromise option for point source applications. 2 x 10″ neodymium LF, coaxial 4″/2.5″ MF/HF drive units.

  • £43 Per Day

  • £129 Per Week

EM Acoustics S15 Subwoofer


Compact reflex subwoofer, 1 x 15″ neodymium high-excursion LF drive unit.

  • £30 Per Day
    £90 Per Week

Available in black or white

EM Acoustics EMS-101X 


The EMS-101x is 10" 2-way powerful slim profile loudspeaker, perfect for any small to medium DJ setup.

  • £25 Per Day

  • £75 Per Week

(Currently only available in white)


EM Acoustics EMS-81X


The EMS-81x is a 8" 2-way powerful compact loudspeaker is the most versatile of the EMS Series. Ideal for rigging on trusses, round base and tripod speakers stands. Suited to background music, conferences, stage fill's and even as a main PA system for a band. Although we recommend pairing with a subwoofer.

  • £25 Per Day

  • £75 Per Week

Over 20 In Stock


EM Acoustics EMS 61


The EMS-61 is a 6" compact two-way multipurpose loudspeaker. Ideal for front fill and speech systems. 

  • £16 Per Day

  • £48 Per Week

Over 30 In Stock

EM Acoustics EMS 41 


The EMS-41 is a 4" ultra compact loudspeaker intended for a wide variety of near field and background sound applications.

  • £10 Per Day

  • £30 Per Week

EM Acoustics MC-12 


The M-C12 is a 12" coaxial stage monitor. The hidden 35mm pole mount enables it to be used as a point source loudspeaker.


  • £30 Per Day

  • £90 Per Week

Meyer Sound UPJ 1p


The UPJ is a 10" powered loudspeaker, perfect for portable, installed systems and theatrical sound reinforcement.

  • £30 Per Day

  • £90 Per Week

Meyer Sound MM4 Miniture Loudspeaker


The MM loudspeakers feature a single 4-inch cone transducer delivering an impressive maximum peak SPL of 113 dB and a wide operating frequency range of 120 Hz to 18 kHz with very low distortion. It's compact size makes it perfect for theatre fills and immersive audio projects 

  • £10 Per Day

  • £30 Per Week

Over 50 In Stock

LD Systems STINGER SUB 15 G3 Passive Subwoofer


Tthe LD Systems STINGER SUB 15 G3 passive subwoofer compact size makes it great for background  

  • £20 Per Day

  • £60 Per Week

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